Eco Piccolo Micro Indoor/Outdoor Helicopter


Electric Helicopter Beginner's Guide
riginal hosted at

Detailed helicopter general physics and setup information at be sure and check the Beginners and Technical sections.
Eg. this detailed Flybar section.

Radd's School of Rotary Flight - Learn to fly online, free tutorial pages for R/C HELICOPTERS. Lots of technical facts, background and help.
Also try

HeliSimRC HeliSimRC is a free sim with good physics modeling (T-Rex 450), (don't forget to donate if you use it ;) )

The Flying-Model-Simulator : FMS FREE FLIGHT SIM
Actually a pretty good sim for free and much better now a days, very easy to fly models (not like micro's) but great for basic orientations and controls training.
Extra model downloads:

How to build a simulator cable for the E-Flite Blade / E-Sky Honeybee CP2 Transmitter (outputs CCPM mixed 6ch data).

Using Esky 6ch Tx CCPM mixed output in sims that can use Windows 'Game Controllers'
You need to download:
- PPJoy
- General Purpose SmartPropoPlus

- Install PPJoy...
- In XP 'Control Panel' double click 'Parallel Port Joysticks' and create a 'virtual joystick 1'... click done.
- Unzip '' into a folder
- Launch 'SppConsole.exe'
- Tick menu 'Filter->CCPM E-Sky (6ch)'
- Plug in the Tx audio cable (I have bodged) into a line in etc. etc.
- 'Hide' SppConsole and calibrate whatever...
- Launch a flight sim that uses Windows 'Game Controllers' and have a play...

It is a bit jittery (like most micro heli's) but it works.

Learning To Fly (the basics to 3D moves) &
3D moves, diagrams and descriptions:
Intro into 3D with video thread.


Heli & Car Videos

Helimaster-elite freeware flight data management software for the R/C helicopter enthusiast

PPJoy (windows virtual joystick interface)
SmartPropo (FMS PC audio input Tx interface driver)
Sites down? then try my mirror bundle download 3.5MB (Windows 2000/XP)

MS Hornet X 3D (Hornet II+) (H2+) CP

HelitTown.COM - MS Composit Hornet X II, CP and 3D RC Heli Informaiton Page

What's the main differences between the base Hornet CP kit range?
H1, CP-X, H2, X-CP, X-3D Try this *thread*

MS Hornet Throttle/Collective Mechanical and Radio Set Up - Ball Park Settings

Setting pitch in gov mode norm/idle1 *thread*

Eric Larson Hornet x 3D (II) radio setup and X 3D review

Scratch Built Collective Pitch - Hummingbird / Hornet Hybrid: CCPM Setup (detailed help)

Programming Your Remote Control Tx

From turn the Tx on, to take off.... *thread*

Hornet kicks ass thread *thread*

Common issues with Hornets

MicroHelis New Zealand Hornet II review + Construction gallery

Soldering iron to weld or form plastic parts *thread*

RPM Tuning (audio frequency method)

Custom Hybrid builds and extensive info, good site!
R/C Helicopter Projects and Conversions

Piccolo FP

Pauls Goelz's Piccolo Electric Heli tips, mods n repairs from a man who knows. A must read site!!!

Learning to Fly An Ikarus Piccolo... learning and essential advice .

Ikarus Home of the Piccolo The best place to start u'r research.

Piccolo E-Heli Review "The Piccolo Fun works well and is good value."

Micro Heli World top choice of links to info, video n downloads (Daren M ;)

JJ's Piccolo pages more good stuff! another beginner's view point, mods, tips, flying etc.

Ron Kramer's Flight Page tips, mods n repairs.

Directory of assorted RC helicopter links

Heliholics Denmark heliclub, check out the video page for a selection of Piccolo's in action!

Various video at

Alternative Gallery plus upgrade info

Lithium Polymer User/Safety Manual
for Ikarus heli and general RC enthusiasts' related info.

Bandit Wheelie's beginer Piccolo

BMFA Insurance cover costs £23 call UK 0116 2440028 during office hours (9-4.55pm) and pay over the phone with credit/debit card. You will be covered immediately. Enables you to visit most flying clubs etc.

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