Eco Piccolo Micro Indoor/Outdoor Helicopter


3D - Type of extreme acrobatic flying.

A.U.W. - All Up Weight.

Brushed motor - fragile metal contacts used to transfer electricity inside a standard electric motor. As opposed to Brushless motors, which do not have any brushes but require a special 3 phase speed controller to operate.

CA - Super quick drying Glue.

CCPM - Electronic Cyclic Collective Pitch Mixing.

CF - Carbon Fiber.

CP - Collective Pitch - normally an upgrade to the Piccolo that uses a mixer so that as throttle increase the pitch of the rotor blades also increases (a third servo). Gives greater control and responsiveness. I've seen video footage that demonstrates heli's performing amazing 3D aerobatics including inverted flight (negative pitch whilst the heli is upside down) but I have no idea how you would easily control such a machine yet. Requires an expensive radio to control pitch n throttle curves (5 point curve support minimum).

GF - Glass Fiber.

ESC - Electronic Speed Controller.

FF - Forward Flight

FFF - Fast Forward Flight

FP - Fixed Pitch - A heli with fixed pitch blades that changes attitude by increasing/decreasing rotor speed alone.

Gyro: A gyro helps to resisting yaw movements to keep your tail straight(ish). say the heli rotates a bit (due to changes in rotor torque or air gusts etc.) the gyro senses movement and alters tail ESC signal to compensate.

GE - Ground Effect - when the helicopter is near to the ground (less than 18 inches) unpredictable air turbulence effects the stability of the aircraft. In the piccolo's case, it tends to skate around dramatically and is very difficult to sustain a controlled hover. Chaos theory takes over as the amount of lift at the rotor blades is variable as the air bounces off the ground back at the heli. I hear that to over come this problem you should increase rotor speed at hover (more dangerous) by: cutting blades 3mm at trailing edge, using glass fiber Hornet blades (of better design) or perhaps upgrade to a Collective Pitch version (more £££ and not for the beginner). Increasing rotor speed at hover will also increase stability as it increase gyroscopic resistance to movement in the rotor itself. For example, if you hold a bicycle wheel at the axle and then spin the wheel you'll find it resists deflection the faster it is spun (changing angular momentum).

Hornet - MS Composite Hornet is the competitor electric micro heli to the Ikarus Eco Piccolo.

Kokam - A type of battery, Lithium Polymer technology, 3.0-4.2v cells.

mah - A measurement of electrical capacity, milli amp hours. A 1000mah battery can supply 1 amp of current for 1 hour or 4 amps for 15mins.

1C - If the above battery is charged at what is called 1C (where C is the batteries capacity) it will be charging at 1 amp and depending on the type of cells (say NiCd's) will approximately be fully charged after about 1.2hrs ish. Further over charging could cause cell damage, reducing performance or explosion.

Pic - Eco Piccolo Electric Micro Helicopter.

Rx - Receiver.

Separates - a term used to describe a setup that uses separate components as opposed to the standard all in one full Pic board. Receiver + Pic Control board (main ESC, tail ESC, tail mixer, gyro, BEC). Piccolo component reference for Rx's, Gyros, ESCs, Mods etc. here (Mozza;)

Tx - Transmitter.

Xstal - crystal.

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