Eco Piccolo Micro Indoor/Outdoor Helicopter


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5hr+ I had two problems that held me up, over and above anything else I found on the net:
1. All built and found my throttle and tail controls were swapped. This is because I bought a Mode 2 Fubata Skysport 6 TX and followed the Piccolo instructions for wiring up the Pic board. Simple, swap the channels for these controls by swapping the plugs on the Pic board. I thought I'd mention it as it's so obvious yet it wasted my time.

2. Setting up the servo control rod lengths. In the documentation it shows how to squeeze them with a pair of pliers. Guess what, I broke one of mine, nightmare!!! Had to piss about with a big blob of solder (which doesn't take to that metal at all), just to make do until I can be bothered to make or buy a replacement.

3. Don't glue CF tail boom, make it a friction fit or u'll have to destroy when ever you need to remove it. CF tends to shatter and split quite easy in a crash.

4. If you buy the Airwolf Fuselage Kit note that you will also need to buy another servo to operate the retracts.

Or u could build your own from scratch here

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