Eco Piccolo Micro Indoor/Outdoor Helicopter

Airwolf Body Kit (styrofoam)


August 2007 : BladeCP head convertion
570mm rotor with stretched tail, check video page.

E-Flight BladeCP is basically a UK Twister 3D V2 micro, much like an Esky CP2

...AirWolf-BladeCPhead-570mm.wmv 27MB 2.75min 50fps WMV

AirWolf_BCP AirWolf_BCP AirWolf_BCP AirWolf_BCP AirWolf_BCP

For more info see this thread.

May 2006 Update: AirWolf reloaded ;)

AirWolf_reloaded AirWolf_reloaded AirWolf_reloaded AirWolf_reloaded

Short indoor ...AirWolf_TestClip1.wmv 5MB 0.3 mins 50 fps 360x288

Eco Piccolo FP base: Pic+ board, Hornet MS-080 CF blades,
Himaxx 2015 2800 rpm/v, Phoenix10 brushless ESC, 9T/96T.
3xTP1320 mAh (prolite 85g) ~20 hot mins AUW with Airwolf 326g

AirWolf - Reloaded On Patrol (check video page. )
...AirWolf-ReloadedOnPatrol.wmv 52MB 4.3 mins 50 fps 360x288

Edited highlights version:
...AirWolf-ReloadedOnPatrol_small.wmv 19.2MB 2.3 mins 50 fps 360x288

AirWolf Reloaded OnPatrol AirWolf Reloaded OnPatrol AirWolf Reloaded OnPatrol

AirWolf Reloaded OnPatrol AirWolf Reloaded OnPatrol AirWolf Reloaded OnPatrol
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Video here!

April 2004 UPDATE! i got it to fly, check video page.


Hey it flew! but it all gets quite HOT real quick, so flights are limited to 3 mins and stop for 10 mins to let the Pic board n 310 cool down as there is no air cooling when encased in the body kit. 3 x 3 min good/fair flights with 2 x 3 min sluggish flights and nothing like as agile as the bare frame setup. Oh and the motors make much more noise and sounds quite ruff bellowing in a hollow body kit.

The large tail fin is very susceptible to any cross wind (or even mild down wash splash back from furniture etc.), later I made large cut outs to reduce the problem. Also the heli's balance is effected by the horizontal fins being directly under the rotor blade tips, catching a lot of down wash and pushing the tail down. I decided to compensate by moving center of gravity forward a little (batts) rather than adding some forward trim.

Climb out power is ok and better than I expected for the first 10 mins air time. With the weight of the fuselage, retracts and extra servo, my setup (listed below) is at 1500 rpm 1 inch off the deck, estimate 1750 rpm at 2m high hover with a max of ~2000 rpm available (cells permitting).

No real forward flight testing yet...

Pic+ board
Stock G310 main motor 10T/96T
Direct drive tail motor
Hornet MS 080 CF blades
3x1200HD cells (11.2v)

All up weight unknown, a porky ~310g maybe

I'm not much of a modeller but when I first got into this hobby I was determined to get an AirWolf or a Huey in Vietnam colours (like many beginners I guess), yes I fell for that trick piece of Ikarus marketing that implies stock Eco Pic FP (v1) + Body kit + 7 cell 250mah = a flyable heli LOL. I soon realised that life isn't that easy.

Photo's so far 80% finished

The time taken for me to build this kit was considerable, twice as long as building the original heli and it looks better in these pics than it does close up in real life. Hand painting styrofoam looks hand painted. The landing gear is also a bit of a bodge and still needs some tuning before all three wheels go up and down via servo control. I'm not impressed for the money £70 + £17 servo.

Now it's finished the Airwolf doesn't look too bad... but it doesn't fly too good either!!! I lightened it as much as possible (took out the landing gear, servo, removed the fins and tail) and still found that it was on the limit. Even with a 310 motor (and Orion) it would barely hover for more than a couple of minuets (stock 7 cell 300mah pack) and if I tried to climb (full throttle) the tail rotor was unable to compensate and the heli began to rotate, making left turning impossible. I came to the conclusion that it wasn't the overall weight but the extra body surface area in contact with the down draft, effecting the aerodynamics. 10+% of lift was being lost as air thrust down from the rotor blades pushes down on the heli's own body work.

The stock Piccolo just isn't up to the job! So for now, I've glued up my skies and tail boom and gone back to the original setup.

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